Articles from the November 2017 issue

How these popular ethnic cuisines could open the door to a wealth of snack options.

While technically loss leaders, built-in specials can drive business and ultimately lead to more customers.

Farm Burger offers guests an innovative snack or appetizer option with its Chicken Pot Pie Fritters.

Melanie Auxer and the iconic pretzel chain continue to innovate the snacking category.

The fast casual chain begins its search for a new CEO as Ells turns his focus to restaurant innovation.

Large-scale data analysis is being ignored as a strategic tool at a time when the restaurant industry needs it most.

How a layoff opened the door to a more satisfying career for one Marco’s delivery driver.

Backed by Roark Capital, fast-food giant Arby's is adding 1,200-unit Buffalo Wild Wings, one of the nation's top casual dining chains, to its company.

There's a lot at stake for restaurants to get the experience right.

The outspoken, political-minded leader of Panera doesn't plan to disappear.

Smaller-portioned menu items can draw grazers at all times of the day.

Follow these seven steps to make them more effective.

The best reps are the ones who are always quick to respond to calls, texts or any question you might have.

The company's CEO on how Dickey's legacy in Texas barbecue has evolved, and what's coming next.

Quick-service restaurants need to commit to new marketing channels that align with consumer behaviors.

In less than two years, Locol’s initial optimism has given way to hard realities. Can the socially minded concept still deliver on its mission?

Online ordering platforms are a gold mine of data.

Connecting with guests is key to the growing fast casual's success.

For those restaurants flocking to college towns, these 10 tips will help maximize efficiency.

Better-for-you brands are breathing new life into this old-school format.

The web can be a perfect place to boost your restaurant's branding for a low cost.

A strong contender in the fast-casual pizza wars is based in the heart of the Midwest.

By emphasizing the importance of food safety, your employees will work continuously toward the mission that you’ve implemented.

From coffee cups to pizza boxes, these are the latest and greatest innovations in foodservice packaging.

The rise in delivery—not shifting regulations—is most affecting operators when it comes to insurance.

The economy. Technology. Convenience. There are no shortage of reasons why fast casuals continue to gain market share.

Enhancing the customer experience through customization and convenience is more important than ever.

Her brother Fred DeLuca started the sandwich chain more than 50 years ago. Now Subway CEO Suzanne Greco is ready to take it to the next level.

No matter what happens, a quick-service brand’s identity is still best reflected in its restaurants.

Creating a succession plan is about protecting the future of a restaurant franchise.

The growing concept plans to nearly double in 2018. And that's just the beginning.