Articles from the July 2017 issue

It doesn’t have the best reputation, and regulatory hurdles have given it an unwelcome burden. But franchising’s biggest ambassador says the industry has nothing but sunny skies ahead.

Quinoa’s breakout leads operators to seek other grain options.

Chef Michael Holleman shares his thoughts on where the grain trend goes from here.

From rye and farro to sorghum and amaranth, alternative grains abound on modern menus.

Mobile-order only locations? At this point, anything is possible.

Mixt’s popular grain bowl has a sizeable fan base.

Counter-service restaurants add gourmet retail experiences in a bid to be more things to more people.

Looking to connect with younger guests and cement its role as a fresh-food leader, Subway changed its logo, store design, and so much more.

Food market or fast-casual restaurant? This California brand is a bit of both.

Implementing basic estate and business succession planning can provide numerous benefits and peace of mind.

Technology advances are helping operators adjust their pricing with unprecedented ease.

Online reviews are more important than ever. Here are four steps to encourage and entice customers to join in the conversation.

Felicia Parks and her two sons make an impact in their community by engaging with and investing in the local youth.

The Standing Room evolved into something much higher-scale than its humble beginnings.

Inside the stories of five large franchise companies that have all scaled in very different ways.

While the future of the proposed healthcare plan is still uncertain, it would be wise to start considering the implications.

If your managers are rewarded for just speed of service, how can you expect them to care about interviewing?

As claims of miracle ingredients and nutritious products abound, restaurants must toe the line between promoting and overpromising.

An affinity for health, fitness, and Mexican food inspired Sharky’s leader to bring the premium fast casual to life.

Brands are connecting with guests on another level thanks to fan-generated content.

Now is a great time to dive into limited service, but make sure you're ready for the insurance considerations.

These brands should get a look the next time you’re considering a franchise.

Enhanced targeting and measurement capabilities are changing the way quick-service restaurants engage customers.