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News of Whole Foods’ acquisition by Amazon last week for $13.7 billion had many people in the tech space abuzz; in the retail sector, people were downright nervous. Big-box retailers like Target, Walmart, and Costco saw their stocks drop (down 3 percent, .5 percent, and 2 percent, respectively, in...
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It takes an independent spirit to run any kind of small business, especially a restaurant business. Picking a location, developing a business plan, and raising capital, hiring staff and obtaining proper permits all while ensuring quality food and service are tasks best led by someone who has a “do-...
Against the backdrop of gently lapping Atlantic Ocean waves, groups of vacationers—friends, couples, grandparents, toddlers, and teenagers—approach the white clapboard cottage that houses Rita’s Italian Ice of Surf City, New Jersey. The brand is a tourist favorite at resort towns up and down the...
Marc Halperin: Resident F&B Expert
When you hear the phrase “traditional American cuisine,” what are the first foods that come to mind? If you’re from New England, you may conjure up an image of a plate of baked cod or a boiled lobster. If you hail from the Midwest, your idea of traditional American food might be a ribeye steak and...
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Pizza Hut has reached the 25th year of its Harvest program and surpassed 100 million pounds of food donated to feed those in need. Created through partnerships with community-based hunger relief organizations and an effort to reduce Pizza Hut’s food waste, Harvest benefits 2,500 organizations...
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One of the reasons quick-service restaurants have taken market share from full-serves can be credited to perception, according to two recent studies. The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, released on Tuesday, says sit-down restaurants are reporting their worst grades in more than 10...
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In the second quarter, Sonic Corp. reported same-store sales declines of 7.4 percent year-over-year. It was even more pronounced at company-owned stores, where numbers dropped 8.9 percent and margins plummeted 330 basis points. Understandably, that made Thursday’s third-quarter reveal a bit of a...
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Stepping into Tender Greens, a Los Angeles–based fast casual, is like stepping into the Thanksgiving meal of your dreams. The bustling open kitchen is lined with oversized serving bowls of creamy mashed potatoes, red and green butter lettuce with tarragon dressing, and rare albacore tuna grilled to...


Customers Want DeliveryPanera Bread recently made headlines (again) by announcing its plan to hire 10,000 new employees by end of 2017 to support delivery services. Panera forecasts that delivery will add $250,000 per year to each store's annual revenue.The writing is on the wall.
For years, Pita Pit worked to educate customers about the nutritional value of its various pita fillings and toppings.
Many restaurateurs are ready to feel the warm spring breeze, as it means diners will rid themselves of their cabin fevers and begin eating out again. But restaurateurs and their guests are not the only ones who are excited—pests are too.
Whether it’s açai, juice cleanses, or spiking your morning coffee with yak butter, our culture loves the notion of fast-track solutions to better health.
Food halls are taking the nation’s cities by storm, providing locals with a central location for dozens of innovative concepts.
When you hear the phrase “traditional American cuisine,” what are the first foods that come to mind?If you’re from New England, you may conjure up an image of a plate of baked cod or a boiled lobster.
There was a time when kids’ meals were for kids.
For those limited-service brands that don’t yet have mobile ordering, consider three words of advice from Nike: Just do it.Within the next three years, every quick serve with any kind of regional or national footprint will have mobile ordering system-wide, says Russell Zack, senior vice president of
Consider it Subway's new duds to the biggest party in foodservice.
An ongoing challenge for many a restaurant is maintaining a steady stream of foot traffic and meal orders, especially when any number of uncontrollable factors—bad weather, nearby construction, traffic jams, and more—has the potential to derail what could be a lucrative business day.To protect again
Today’s fast-casual industry is at the leading edge of breakfast innovation.