Garbanzo's menu includes several Mediterranean staples, like hummus and pita.
Emerging Concepts
The health benefits of a Mediterranean diet have been getting a lot of attention in recent years, and quick-serve restaurants have also been a “big thing,” says Alon Mor, founder of Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. And the economy … well, two out of three isn’t bad. “We’ve never operated in good days...
Jared Fogle, Michael Strahan, and fans participate at a Subway-sponsored event.
In 2000, David Miller went from being the COO at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants to being the owner/operator of 28 Rally’s restaurants in Kentucky and southern Indiana. Since that deal, Miller has successfully promoted his restaurants by using sports to draw in customers. Miller has been a long-time...
Grocery stores are providing food offerings that are competitive to fast food.
Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru
My dad has a strange way of expressing his affection. He’ll often refer to me as “his favorite daughter who lives west of the Mississippi”—faint praise, given that I only have one other sister, and she lives in Cincinnati. His remark may be a feeble attempt at some humor, but it reveals an...
Emerald City Smoothie was founded by a group of business partners.
Executive Insights
Business partnerships, like marriages, start with a courtship, a honeymoon, and then either years of bliss or a torturous separation. Although most partnerships have their own form of prenuptial agreement with ownership arrangements and corporate papers, those can’t prevent turbulence and breakups...
Schlotzsky's lends a hand to minority franchisees to encourage more diversity.
Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru
Quick serves could be poised to step up their franchising efforts as soon as the credit market thaws and while available real estate remains cheap. Some experts say that minority-franchisee recruitment will be a particular area of focus, as franchisors pursue the value minorities bring to customer...
The BeMoved machine from Sara Lee lets customers interact with their coffee.
Imagine this: You walk into a McDonald’s for a quick bite on a workday. The place is busy, and customers are unwrapping their food at the tables and biting into burgers, salads, and wraps. But when you push to the counter, there is no one there to take your order. No cashier smiling at you in a...
Marketing with grand openings is worth the time and effort when opening a store.
Once upon a time, there was a used car lot with a tan building, some pavement, and a lot of fast, gray cars, as well as one Volkswagen with no engine and a sign that read, “Great mileage.” One warm day, lightning cracked in the West and pretty soon a storm hit. It hailed ball bearings for a full...
Restaurant operators should take stance against swipe fees with government help.
Each of the last two years, I have been fortunate to take part in the National Restaurant Association’s Public Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C. The NRA provides briefings on top issues, and attendees hear from some great speakers. However, the most important work happens when the 500...
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Food safety is key to any restaurant.
The food service industry was shaken when restaurant chain Chipotle had multiple, widespread food safety outbreaks, spanning various states.
Every year businesses lose millions of dollars as a result of data breaches and theft, and that number continues to grow at an alarming rate. Between January and September of 2015, more than 140 million records were compromised, compared to 85 million in all of 2014.
Until fairly recently, when people wanted cakes, cookies, croissants, cobblers, pastries, pies, popovers, muffins, or mille-feuilles, they had absolutely no expectation that the item in question would be anything other than a decadent, high-calorie treat.
The term “point-of-sale” can be a bit of a misnomer.
The most recent numbers on baseline performance of fast casuals suggest some deep-seated problems in the industry.