Chipotle's restaurant is seen with its iconic logo. The chain increased prices this week.
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Chipotle completed the final phase of its systemwide price hike, spokesman Chris Arnold confirmed to CNBC Wednesday. The fast casual chain increased prices 5–7 percent in select markets in April and November of 2017, and extended those upticks to the remaining 45 percent of stores this week. Before...
Starbucks' iconic green sign hangs outside a store. The coffee chain is closing all Teavana retail stores.
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Starbucks’ Teavana saga appears to have reached a resolution. The java giant and Simon Property Group agreed to a settlement regarding Starbucks’ decision to shutter its entire Teavana retail footprint. SPG, the country’s largest mall operator, sued Starbucks back in the summer when the chain first...
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The bright and popular Chicken Shawarma Salad Bowl from Naf Naf is a hit with customers and a perfect blend of ethnic spices and Middle Eastern flavors.
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It didn’t take long for Paul Damico to recognize what made Naf Naf special. The former President of North America for Focus Brands arrived in June. To that point, Damico had never eaten at the 38-unit fast casual. After touring 14 Chicago-area locations, though, he realized what separated the brand...
Dunkin’ Donuts new restaurant in Quincy, Massachusetts, is shown with new, bright colors and just the word “Dunkin’” on the front.
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Dunkin’ Donuts next generation store, fittingly, made its debut in the same city where the brand opened its first location nearly seven decades ago. Only this time, one key detail was absent: the word “Donuts.” The new restaurant, at 588 Washington Street in Quincy, Massachusetts, is the second...
A McDonald's restaurant is seen with its drive thru. The restaurant is hoping to add recycling at all locations.
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McDonald’s 2018 goals are turning out to be eco-friendly, not just wallet friendly. On Tuesday, the fast food chain told Reuters it plans to switch to environmentally friendly packaging materials and start offering recycling at all locations. The goal is to feature 100 percent of its packaging from...
Teenagers in Poland learn to cook balanced meals through a nationwide education programme called ‘Eat Tasty and Healthy.'
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Recently, there has been a considerable push for restaurants to appeal to the millennial market in order to stay relevant and increase sales. While millennials dine out often, Gen Z (those born after 1995) should start taking more focus. These two groups are similar in their social media reliance,...
A Jason's Deli sign shines at night. The restaurant is facing a security breach.
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Hackers have struck the quick-service industry again. Jason’s Deli announced that a “large quantity of payment card information” was being sold on the dark web, and at least a portion of the data was pulled from Jason’s Deli locations. While the investigation is still underway, as many as two...
A Chipotle building showcases its iconic design. The brand is looking for a new CEO.
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With its CEO search underway, Chipotle wants to make sure the rest of its executive team remains intact. The company, in a securities filing Friday, revealed that it entered into retention agreements with its chief financial officer and chief marketing officer. If chief financial officer Jack...


Until fairly recently, when people wanted cakes, cookies, croissants, cobblers, pastries, pies, popovers, muffins, or mille-feuilles, they had absolutely no expectation that the item in question would be anything other than a decadent, high-calorie treat.
The quick-service restaurant industry involves a rapid pace of business for the owner or franchisee. Accordingly, such individuals often neglect to plan for the future.
Even with the increased frequency of other forms of payment, quick-serve restaurant operations are still largely cash-run enterprises, with cash accounting for more than 30 percent of all transactions. But as cash flow grows, so does the risk.
Food safety is key to any restaurant.
The food service industry was shaken when restaurant chain Chipotle had multiple, widespread food safety outbreaks, spanning various states.
The term “point-of-sale” can be a bit of a misnomer.